British Made Sofas at Escapology.

Lovingly Hand-crafted Sofas Made in Britain Using Traditional Techniques

At Escapology. we believe that a sofa should be built to last. All of our British made sofas and carefully crafted in a small, family-run, of a workshop. No robots, no mass factory production, just traditional skilled artisans creating some of the best sofas made in the UK.

Bench Made & Hand-crafted Sofas

To ensure the very highest quality our sofas are bench made. Each is carefully crafted by a skilled craftsman from start to finish. Each and every stage of creating a beautiful sofa is completed on a single bench ensuring exceptional construction using traditional British sofa manufacturing techniques to build a sofa that is built to last.

British Made Sofa Manufacture

Quality Construction & Quality Fabrics

Our British made sofas all come with the finest hardwood frames made from seasoned timber. Each joint is expertly glued, screwed, and dowelled. Our sofa frames are built for robustness in the time proven way.

Our upholstery fabrics are carefully chosen for durability. And there is plenty of choice of colours for you to choose from. So you can have a sofa of the very best quality that is just right for you.

British Made Sofa Manufacture

When you invest in one of our British-made sofas, you can expect exceptional comfort and durability. These sofas are designed with the utmost care and attention to ensure that they provide not only a beautiful aesthetic but also superior comfort and longevity.

We use traditional techniques to create sofas that are both comfortable and supportive. From the construction of the frame to the quality of the cushioning, every aspect of the sofa is carefully considered to provide the best possible sitting experience.