Dining Tables

Mid Century, Modern & Contemporary Dining Tables

Perfect For Dining - Modern Dining Tables

Upgrade your dining room or kitchen eating space with a modern dining table. Whether you're hosting a formal dinner party or enjoying supper with the family, a carefully chosen dining table is the perfect place for all your meals. When choosing a modern dining room table, consider size, shape, and material. They are the three of the most important factors for determining the right style. After you've found the right table, complete the look with some stunning, and comfortable, dining chairs. It’s perfectly fine to mix and match your dining table with a couple chair types to create an edgy vibe, it creates a stylish, yet cohesive feel. Add some finishing touches, by layering table linens to style and protect your dining furniture.

Whatever Your Space - Small & Large Dining Tables

The first place to start in choosing dining room tables is to take account of your dining room size. For easy movement around the table, select one that allows for at one metre of space on all sides. That avoids you having to squeeze around your table. For spacious dining areas, consider a large dining table. As well as filling out the room to create a great aesthetic, it also give greater flexibility for those family occasions, such as Christmas and birthdays. An eight to ten person dining table, for example, offers plenty of table space fro enjoy with your friends or family. A 6-person dining table, meanwhile, is a versatile pick that fits the size of many modern homes' dining areas; particularly if it is situated within the kitchen. Once you have decided the size dining table you need, it's time to pick the shape and style.

The Perfect Shape: Rectangular, Round & Oval Dining Tables

When it comes to the shape of your modern dining table, there are four main styles: rectangular, round, square and oval dining room tables. Rectangular dining tables blend perfectly into classic or contemporary interior styles. Make a long dining table feel inviting with dining benches on either side; perfect for seating the kids. Or adopt the classic set-up with the cohesive look of a matching chairs around the table. If space is a premium, a square dining table is a classic choice that provides eating space without taking up too much room. If being social is important, try a modern round dining table. They give a more sociable feel to eating at the table. Oval dining tables offer a seating arrangement similar to rectangular table. While a circular dining tables are the perfect choice for casual gatherings. Want to make a statement with your modern dining table? Choose a tabletop with fluid lines to draw the eye in. Sculptural base adds artistic flair, perfect modern urban styling.

Choose The Right Material - Wood, Glass, & Marble Dining Tables

Dining tables come is a vast array of materials and finishes. A modern wood dining table, can be relaxed or luxurious depending on your choice of dining chairs and tableware. A sleek modern glass dining table can be a smart choice for smaller rooms, where the transparency creates an illusion of space. But being able to see through the tabletop isn’t for everyone. To modernise a straightforward design, consider an unusual material: cement can be more attractive than you might first thing. A marble top dining table is luxurious in both looks and feel. Complete the look by co-ordinating your decor and colour scheme to the style of your modern table. Choose colour tones that pair with the predominant colour of your dining table. Be creative; dining room style ideas can come from anywhere. Just because you’ve seen something in a restaurant or hotel doesn’t mean you can’t adapt the idea to be suitable for your own home.