Modern Throw Cushions & Decorative Accent Cushions For Sofas, Chairs & Beds

Upgrade your home decor with modern accent cushions. Transform the look of your interior with ease by adding these stylish sofa and chair cushions. Mix and match different styles and colours to create a unique and inviting space. Start with a simple yet classic look by placing two or three linen scatter cushions on a leather loveseat and one on an armchair. Complement the relaxed vibe of your living room with neutral colours or add a touch of personality with bold patterns such as animal prints or faux fur for added texture. For a retro '70s vibe, pair geometric patterns with modern furniture. Match the season by choosing modern cushions made of silk in the summer, wool in fall, sheepskin in winter, and leather in spring. For a bohemian touch, consider adding tassels or fringe. Finish the look with a cosy shag or vintage style rug for a complete, comfortable atmosphere.

Decorating with Sofa and Bedroom Cushions

Transform the look of your living space with ease by adding throw cushions to your sofas, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Decorative cushions create a comfortable and stylish atmosphere, making your home feel rich and cosy. From accent cushions for your sofa to teen bedroom decor, throw cushions are versatile and can be used in any room. Upgrade your space for each season by pairing them with throw blankets, and choose from a variety of materials, such as velvets and faux-furs for winter and linens, cotton, and other lighter fabrics for summer and spring.

Throw Cushion Colours and Patterns

Personalise your sofa by alternating between patterns and solids. If you already have a solid loose-cover sofa pattern in the room, complement it with decorative cushions that match existing design elements. Alternatively, create a cohesive look by pairing a bold loveseat sofa with decorative cushions in the same hue. If you prefer solid colours, choose from a range of deep tones in cosy velvet for a relaxing sectional sofa. For an eccentric touch, contrast a leather bench seat sofa with faux fur cushions for a modern statement.

Ideas for Decorative Cushion Styling

In the living room, choose a large square throw cushions for the corners of your sofa, keeping the middle free for guests to enjoy a well-placed lumbar cushion. Wide couch throw cushions are ideal for easy chairs and dining chairs, providing both visual appeal and back support. In the bedroom, layer different shapes and sizes of accent cushions to create a sumptuous and inviting look.