Faux Plants & Stems

Potted House Plants, Faux Plants, Flower Stems & Artificial Botanicals

Elevate the style of your home with the stunning beauty of faux botanicals. Regardless of your green thumb, these modern artificial plants add a pop of organic colour to any room. Indulge in the low-maintenance convenience of these blooms and enhance their lifelike appearance with decorative planters.

In the kitchen or dining room, brighten your counter or table with a potted eucalyptus or aloe plant. In the living room, place a tropical tree such as a tall palm or bird of paradise beside your sofa or media cabinet. On the bar cabinet or accent table, enhance the look of your space with faux succulents and cacti, paired with sculptures and wall art.

For a festive touch, add string lights around artificial flower stems and floor plants. And for a complete holiday look, place a wreath nearby. Upgrade the decor of your modern home with the effortless beauty of faux botanicals.