Decorative Objects

Decorative Objects & Home Accessories

Stylistic Decorative Objects & Home Accessories

Personalise your home with decorative home accessories that are both eye-catching and functional. Keep your rooms tidy with storage decor accessories, such as bookends and magazine baskets.

Decorative Sculptures, Statues & Figurines

Add the finishing touches to any space with decorative sculptures, figurines and statues for decoration. Consider every style, shape and material of modern sculptures to help bring something new into every room. Jazz up a coffee table with wooden decorations mixed with antique brass statues. When it comes to the hallway, an abstract figurine stands out as a striking centrepiece on a hallway console table. A lightly-hued wood sculpture is also an alternative, which blends seamlessly into your coastal home decor.

How to Choose Decorative Sculptures for Your Home

Decorative sculptures add visual intrigue to your living room and complement your home's furniture. They capture your personal style, as well as the overall aesthetic of your home, be it contemporary, coastal or relaxed. Decorative sculptures encapsulate the soul of a space and their dynamic form adds texture to otherwise flat spaces.

Material: Art made with brass or iron mix well with glass or dark-stained wood surfaces. Display sculpture decor on wall shelves, or accent the corner of your home office desk for a classical, learned look. Try placing metal pieces on wood accent tables for a complementary look. Iron appeals to a rustic space, as it develops a rich green-brown patina over time. Want to give your room a cohesive style? Style iron sculpture decor in the same space as metal wall art. Wood sculpture are organic and natural, especially in the context of trunk sculptures. Rich, grainy materials give each individual piece its own character.

Shape and design: Playful, singular shapes add a sense of fun to a room, as well as dimension. Contrast flat walls, tabletops and other surfaces with a sculpture that has its own dynamic sense of space. Animal sculptures, for example, are eye-catching living room sculpture picks, while more abstract designs add a modern edge to the area. Adding three-dimensional pieces to your home is both visually interesting and a textural complement to wall canvases and other wall art.

Placement: If you are looking for a table sculpture, hallway or mantel decor, don't forget to consider size. Available in a range of sizes, try placing three-dimensional spherical sculptures in the centre of a dining room or living room table as a statement centrepiece. Living room sculptures anchor your space and also serve as convenient conversation pieces. Smaller designs can be scattered along a table runner add interest to your dining table. Want something impactful and eye-catching? Floor sculptures look fitting beside sofas, coffee tables, and sideboards.