Serving Bowls & Baskets

Modern Serving Bowls: Fruit Bowls, Centrepiece Bowls & Appetiser Bowls

Entertaining guests? Enhance your table setting with elegant serveware suitable for showcasing your homemade entrees, easy hors d'oeuvres, or purchased snacks. Upgrade your casual get-together to a chic soiree by selecting serving bowls made from timeless materials like wood or porcelain, or make a bold statement with uncommon options such as coloured glass or antique brass. Add drama by incorporating shape and colour into your design - choose versatile matte black bowls that can be dressed up or down, or create an eclectic touch with square or diamond-shaped serveware. For a vintage vibe, opt for a brass or coloured glass serving bowl. Serving salads? Complement the look with resin serving utensils and arrange coordinating salad plates and cutlery nearby. For a more luxurious appearance, choose metallic serveware - simply line a gold or wire bowl with a towel and display freshly baked bread or store-bought options inside. If your tabletop is becoming crowded, utilise a kitchen trolley as a buffet table for a practical and visually stunning presentation.