Accent Chairs

Finish Your Space With Modern Accent Chairs And Unique Contemporary Armchairs

Upgrade your space with modern armchairs and accent chairs for living rooms, bedrooms or any area in need of contemporary seating. From luxurious velvet to leather accent chairs, armchairs to barrel chairs, we have a carefully curated collection of accent chairs for bedrooms, living rooms or any corner of your home calling you to sit down and relax.

Finding The Best Accent Chair For Your Home

When shopping for contemporary statement chairs or occasional chairs, consider function, placement and aesthetic style. The feel you want to create should be your guide for selecting stylish seating for your bedroom, lounge, or modern living room chairs.

Determine the Accent Chair's Function

The purpose of your accent chair will dictate what chair style to go with. If you want to curl up and lounge, an accent chair with an ottoman gives you a place to put up your feet. To fill an awkward corner in your living room, a small accent chair is ideal to add visual interest. Looking for additional seating to entertain friends and family? Consider an upholstered modern armchair for maximum comfort and looks good when not in use.

Decide on the Placement of Your Accent Chair

Where you place your accent chair will determine what size and structure are best for your space. If your room is small and compact, club chairs are a great choice. Lounge chairs and chaises are the perfect living room accent chair for filling a large space. Is your accent chair going in the corner? A chic corner chair, upholstered in durable linen or velvet instantly transforms unused floor space into a stylish area. What room your accent seating will be placed in? If you want a modern living room chair that makes a statement or fills up the room, choose one that complements your existing pieces without blending in. Sculptural mid-century accent chairs with the addition of a faux sheepskin create a stylish addition to a lounge. Want an accent chair for your bedroom that invites you to relax after a long day? Then select a chair with a curved body or inviting sprung upholstery for comfort and style.

How to Hone in on Your Desired Aesthetic

Aesthetics are achieved through the material, colour and overall style. Take all three into account when selecting the best accent chair for your space. For an iconic modern feel, try an armless chair or low-profile seating. If you are going for a contemporary urban vibe, consider a leather chair or black accent chair. For an effortlessly relaxing environment, try a linen accent chair.

Styling Accent Chairs

Once you've picked your new chair, it's time to accessorise. How you introduce your new stylish chair to your home depends on your existing furniture assortment. Let your contemporary accent and armchairs take centre stage when paired with a neutral sofa and a neutral accent rug. Perhaps you already have a statement sofa or stunning bed frame. Then choose a chair that blends in, such as a natural linen accent chair. To complete the look of your contemporary accent chair, pair it with your favourite cushions or throws. Layering textures, just adds to the luxurious, stylish, look.