Modern Decorative Trays: Coffee Table Trays, Console Table Trays & More

Upgrade your living room's look and protect your furniture with our decorative coffee table trays. These trays not only safeguard your metal, stone, and wood tabletops, but they also provide a flat surface to showcase your vases, plants, and drinks. Versatile in design, our trays can also be used to store jewellery on your dresser or books in your office.

Add a touch of style to your furniture with our decorative serving trays. Achieve a casual vibe with a woven rattan tray, perfect for holding small living room decor and easily-misplaced essentials like remotes and magazines. Elevate the sophistication of your space with a metal tray in a sleek silver finish, ideal for a contemporary look. For ease of carrying and serving, choose from styles with stand-up or cutout handles. Our collection includes options in low-key acrylic and opulent marble, so you can find the perfect material to match your personal style.