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Dining Chairs

Mid-Century Modern & Contemporary Dining Chairs

Dining chairs should be both beautiful and functional. They aren’t just a necessity, they should form part of your overall style.

The curve of the arm, the angle of the leg, the depth of a cushion. All of these factors affect the way a modern dining chair looks and feels. And good looks shouldn’t detract from the comfort level. When choosing contemporary dining chairs, think about your home’s general feel. And let this inform the choice of colour and style.

Things to remember when choosing dining chairs.

However you plan to mix or match your dining chairs, a few foundational points will help make the whole design look and feel cohesive. Seat height is crucial. Try to keep about 25 centimetres between the seat of the dining chairs and the bottom of the table. And if possible, allow around 1 metre between the edge of the table and the wall. This allows you to get in and out of the chair without too much difficulty.

Mis-matching dining chairs.

Mismatched contemporary dining chairs are a great way of adding a design spark. If you’re looking to have a few different styles of chairs around your table, there are some factors that will keep your selection from looking eclectic.

Legs first. The shape of your dining chair legs are key to creating cohesion. In general, the thinner the leg, the more airy and contemporary the chair style. A heavy, thick leg typically creates a space with a more traditional feel.

Colour consistency helps to create visual cohesion. With mismatched chairs, a controlled palette will keep the look subtle and help it work.

Your dining chair selection may not seem that important. But be thoughtful and the effort put into making the right choice will magnify the overall style of your space.

Browse our selection of modern dining chairs to bring effortless style to your home with beautiful modern furniture & decor.

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