Dining Chairs

Modern Dining Room Seating: Dining Room Chairs & Dining Benches

Enhance the look of your dining table with modern dining chairs that accentuate your home's aesthetic. Whether you love to host for friends and family, or prefer an intimate group when dining, make sure there is enough comfortable seating for everyone. When choosing the perfect contemporary dining chairs to complement your table, consider not only the number, but style, material and colour palette, and size as well. For more compact dining tables, choose narrow or small dining chairs, which save on floor space. After you've found the perfect dining or kitchen chairs, create a stylish look for your eating area with a classic linen tablecloth, centrepiece bowl and modern cutlery to get it ready for company.

Whatever Your Style: From Minimalist To Mid-Century Dining Chairs

When choosing your dining chairs, consider the style of your existing pieces and the atmosphere you want to create. A set of traditional dining chairs work with a variety of looks. If you're hosting a formal dinner party, seat everyone at the dining room table with high-back dining chairs for a luxurious feel. Mid-century styles with armrests look stylish, yet are still comfortable enough for lounging in for that after meal conversation. Or, style your dining room in a more organic fashion with classic Lloyd Loom dining chairs to give your space some texture. Tie everything together with accessories that complement the natural material feel. Bring in colour with the rug and curtains. Looking for a solution for the kids? Dining benches offer a flexible approach for seating and are easy to keep clean.

Material Sets The Tone: Metal, Velvet & Wood Dining Chairs

Take your pick from modern dining room chairs made from leather, velvet, wood or metal. Wood dining chairs are classic and don’t have to be boring; quality designed wood dining chairs offer a relaxed appeal, while mixed-material wood options fit right in with a modern dining setting. Love the luxury look? Velvet dining room chairs are the way to go, luxurious in look and feel. Complement these with modern cutlery and robust earthenware plates for a luxurious aesthetic. If the smooth feel of leather is more to your taste, mix things up with rich leather dining chairs. Elegant and endlessly versatile, they will never goes out of style. For a dash of contemporary style, co-ordinate modern metal dining chairs made from black iron or stainless steel with the material of your chandelier for an overall chic effect. Avoid getting too matchy-matchy and contrast with a dining table made from an unexpected material such as stone or reclaimed wood.

The Impact Of Colour: Navy, White, Grey & Black Dining Room Chairs

When it comes to setting the mood, colour is key. While pieces with muted palettes contribute to a contemporary, even minimalist feel, unexpected hues such as denim blue or coral create eye-catching drama. You can also elevate your simple-coloured seats by choosing complementary chairs in a different style for each end of your dining table. For your kitchen, choose modern kitchen chairs in colours and shapes that stand for themselves. Think navy dining chairs accented by wood decor and furniture for an informal feel, or try neutral upholstered dining chairs to brighten up an otherwise dark room.