Planters & Plant Pots

Modern Planters: Indoor Hanging Planters, Floor Planters & Planter Bowls

Display your plants in a chic and stylish manner with our collection of modern planters and flower pots. The pot is an integral aspect of your plant's appearance, whether real or artificial. Elevate the ambiance of your floating shelves with a sleek metallic pot or a faux succulent planter. Immerse yourself in the beauty of handcrafted terracotta pots that showcase artisanal craftsmanship. For bigger plants or foliage, opt for a floor planter with a stand made of striking materials such as brass, concrete, glass, or marble. Upgrade the entrance to your home by placing outdoor-friendly planters on your porch, creating a stylish first impression for your guests. If you're short on space, hang a metal planter by your window to add modern decor without sacrificing floor space. Create an eye-catching display by hanging succulents and plants at different heights with planters of varying stand heights. You can even use your dining room table as a display space, potting your favourite plants in a modern decorative bowl for a stunning and natural centrepiece.

Planter Material - Make The Right Choice

When choosing a planter, first consider where you want to display it - floor, wall, or elsewhere. Then, select a material that aligns with your personal style. Terracotta planters offer a natural appeal and effectively retain moisture. They are especially durable for outdoor use, resisting the effects of sun and rain for long-lasting beauty. Wooden planters perfectly complement trees and lush greenery, and seamlessly blend with wooden furniture and decor. Glazed planters add a sleek touch to any space, and tall glazed planters make a statement in any room. No matter what material you choose, ensure that your plants receive the proper care. Artificial flowers and succulents require little maintenance, while live plants require careful consideration of sunlight and planter style. Ideal locations for plants include sunny windowsills, and rectangular planter boxes efficiently utilise limited space.