Bookcases & Bookshelves

Modern Bookcases & Bookshelves

Whether you want to organise the home library or show off some stylish home decor, modern bookshelves add serious personality to your space. Working with limited room in an apartment or flat? Take advantage of the vertical space with modular shelves—find a slim bookcase for maximum impact. For a contemporary style choose a minimalist bookshelf with LED lights for a museum-worthy display. Narrow bookcases are also easy to style between sofas and end tables. If you have more space to use, go with a modern bookshelf that's wide and substantial. And consider the benefits of open versus closed bookshelves. Closed bookcases can act as room dividers if you want to section off the space, while open ones have sleek appeal and keep the room open. Wood bookcases have a warm and timeless feel. A glass or metal one is a chic, contemporary choice. For rooms with substantial wall space, consider a classic and timeless ladder bookcase. They fill out the void wall space and provide valuable storage space in the process.

Modern Bookcase Decor

Looking for modern ways to decorate your bookcase or floating shelves? We have some great picks for you. Bookshelves are not just for literary classics, but also for stylish home decor like faux potted plants, framed photos, decorative bowls and other accents. From treasured snapshots to noteworthy novels, the pieces that live on your bookshelf make for fun conversation pieces. Minimalist bookshelves with a slender metal frame allow the items to really show. Plus, they emphasise the surrounding furniture, be it a velvet sofa in the living room or console desk in the home office.