Coffee Tables

The Best Modern Coffee Tables

Modern coffee tables from the centrepiece of the living room; the place we gather around and rest our drinks. From functional storage coffee tables, to the unexpected contemporary statement piece, it's important to choose the right coffee table for your space. Think through the materials, size, and shape. Choose your table based on what complements your space and the other furniture in your room; especially your sofa. From industrial metal coffee tables to reclaimed oak coffee tables, wooden to glass, round to rectangular, we have a carefully curated collection of modern coffee tables to choose from.

Choosing the Correct Coffee Table Size

Your coffee table should be around two-thirds the length of your sofa. So if your sofa is 180cm long a living room coffee table that is about 120cm long is ideal. Be certain to keep your coffee table proportionate to the room size as a whole. Spacious living rooms that accommodate lots of seating, from accent chairs to ottomans, consider a large rectangular coffee table. For smaller living rooms a small round coffee table can be a good choice. In terms of height, a good rule of thumb is for your modern coffee table to be within three to six centimetres of the seat height of your sofa.

Coffee Table Shapes

Use shape to establish balance and reinforce the overall aesthetic of your room. An interior design trick is, if most of the shapes in your space lean one way, angular or curved, choose a coffee table that's the opposite to add balance. For example, a rectangular or square coffee table pairs well with a curved sofa and round wall decor. On the other hand, a round coffee table adds balance to angular furniture and square elements in the room like fireplaces, windows and rectangular wall art.

Coffee Table Materials

From natural reclaimed wood coffee tables to contemporary glass and metal options, we have an assortment of stylish coffee table designs for your classic, luxury or modern living room.

Wood Coffee Tables

Wood coffee tables are by popular due to their durability and timelessness. Whether they are made of reclaimed oak or coveted elm, wooden coffee tables bring warmth to a room. The finish of wood coffee tables speak to the style and feel of your room so consider their tone when choosing a new table. Light-toned woods bring an organic modern feel to a room, while dark-toned woods are more traditional in aesthetic style. Consider mixing materials such as a wood coffee table with a glass or acrylic top.

Acrylic and Glass Coffee Tables

Maintain lines of sight with an acrylic or glass coffee table. The transparency of glass and acrylic makes your space feel more open which makes these coffee tables a great option for small-space living or anyone looking to make their space feel brighter and larger. When it comes to style, glass and acrylic coffee tables bridge a wide range of styles from classic to sleek modern. Swap a wooden base for brass or gold legs and you air more luxurious glamour. 

Faux Concrete Coffee Tables

If you love modern materials and an industrial edge, faux concrete coffee tables are a popular choice. Strong and durable making them a great coffee table option for urban living. The neutrality of cement coffee tables make them a good starting point for designing the rest of your living room. Pair cement coffee tables with metals to lean into an urban-industrial style. Looking for more of a mid-century modern style? Pair a modern faux concrete coffee tables with sculptural wooden furniture. Whatever design style you choose, contrast the hardness of cement with soft upholstery and textiles. Think velvet sofas, plush throw pillows and plush floor rugs.

Marble Coffee Tables

Classic beauty and timeless elegance, marble is a luxurious material loved through the ages for its luxurious appearance. The swirls and veins of this ancient stone create visual interest while being extremely robust. A marble coffee table can be the anchor piece for a relaxed seating arrangement. Do remember though, marble is a soft stone susceptible to scratches and stains, so be sure to care for your marble piece properly.

Styling Coffee Tables

All with all interior styling, it’s all in the details when it comes to designing your living room. The prefect choice of home accessories are the way to bring your coffee table to life. As a general rule, keep accessories low to avoid disrupting the line of sight. Start with the essentials like drink coasters, trays and storage to hide clutter. Decorative boxes are the perfect organisation option that also add style. Layer in decorative objects for interest and personality. Incorporate decorative bowls, coffee table books and candles. For the finishing touch, add a focal point such add a sculptural vase full of faux flowers for easy maintenance.