Modern LED Light Bulbs: For The Right Light

Upgrade your lighting with our collection of modern led light bulbs. Create a cohesive look with exposed bulb light fixtures like pendant lamps, chandeliers, or wall sconces. Select frosted glass for a soft glow or vintage Edison bulbs for an industrial feel. Our led bulb options come in various shapes like round and oblong. Pair the fixture's material with stylish switch plates for a streamlined look. Add a touch of sophistication with a modern decorative light bulb for an unique accent in any room.

At Escapology. we have an extensive collection of light bulbs to light up your space. From traditional round and cylindrical shapes to abstract designs, our light bulbs are perfect for lamps, exposed light fixtures, and more. Experience the vintage charm with our Edison-style filament bulbs, boasting a 3,000-hour life span. Our globe light bulbs are perfect for classic lighting, providing a warm glow. For a sleek lighting solution, our candelabra light bulbs offer a great choice.

Types Of Light Bulbs

Incandescent Bulbs: A Classic Choice

Incandescent bulbs, commonly referred to as standard bulbs, are ideal for general, accent, and functional lighting. In an incandescent bulb, a filament is heated to a warm glow using an electric current. They fit most standard light bulb sockets, making them a convenient choice.

Edison/Vintage Filament: A Timeless Charm

Edison bulbs are incandescent and offer a charming classic look. With their unique filaments, these styles are often used in exposed bulb fixtures, adding a touch of elegance to any room.

Globe Bulbs: A Hollywood-Inspired Style

Every light fixture requires a specific type of bulb, and once you've settled on a bulb style, you may also want to choose a specific shape, such as globe. Globe bulbs have a timeless round shape reminiscent of old Hollywood, and they look great in specialty mirrors, pendant lights, and light fixtures. Whether you need a single bulb or want to stock up on stylish bulbs, our collection has you covered.

At Escapology., we have the perfect light bulbs for your home. Browse our collection today and illuminate your space with style.