Bar Stools & Counter Stools

Modern Bar Stools & Counter Height Stools

Upping the ante. Throwing a social event? Encourage your friends to meet new acquaintances by inviting everyone over for a fun time. Before they arrive, arrange a few eye-catching bar and kitchen counter stools in your home bar area or alongside your kitchen island. Go for a sophisticated look with mink, velvet, and leather options, or keep it casual with rattan and acrylic stools. For a modern and urban vibe, consider backless bar height stools that swivel, or choose low back bar stools for added comfort. Planning on serving snacks while entertaining? Set up a food display at a nearby tall table, then surround it with three to four chic bar and kitchen counter stools with arms to make your hosting skills stand out.

What's The Difference: Bar Stool versus Counter Stool

The answer lies in the height. Counter stools, or kitchen island stools, are designed to sit perfectly under a kitchen island; giving you enough room for your legs to sit under the work surface and giving you a comfortable position to eat and drink. Bar stools are higher, and designed for sitting at a bar or bar table. So unless you have installed a high kitchen island, you probably need a counter stool.

Counter Stools a Versatile Option For Your Kitchen

Bar stools and counter stools are a great solution for apartment living or more compact spaces, but they can be a defining feature in any kitchen, whatever the size. Pull a row of kitchen island stools up to your kitchen island to make the space more versatile. Or gather several stools around a bar table for a modern edge to your space. Match your new stools to your dining chairs to create a consistent living space for meals, entertaining, or just relaxing.

If your bar stools are destined to become one of your main seating options, go for something with soft, cushioned seats. They give you the comfort to sit and enjoy your meal and provide enough support to allow you to stay seated afterwards. On the other hand, the aesthetics of sculpted and adjustable bar stools made of solid frames belong in warehouse apartment conversions and modern studio flats.

Each of our kitchen island stools is crafted from the finest materials. They’re made by experts in their craft so you know you’re getting kitchen counter stools built to last.