Why We Believe Tetrad Sofas & Chairs Are One Of The Best

Introducing Tetrad Sofas & Chairs Hand Made For Escapology.

At Escapology the quality of our products is of utmost importance to us. We take our time in choosing who we partner with, and we reject far more than we choose.

For months we have been searching for a partner who could provide beautifully designed, exceptionally well made, sofas and chairs. Finally, we chose Tetrad as our sofa manufacturer of choice.

About Tetrad Sofas & Chairs

Situated in the heart of Lancashire, Tetrad has been creating handcrafted sofas and chairs for almost 50 years.

Each sofa and chair are meticulously handcrafted. For example, the Harris Tweed range begins with a hand built traditional hardwood frame and fully coil sprung seat platform. Each piece is then skillfully upholstered by one of the many time served craftsman. The result, a beautiful piece of furniture that will be hardwearing and long lasting. These pieces are built to last and will become the heirloom of the future.

Bowmore Harris Tweed Sofa

Whether you want a beautiful Harris Tweed sofa, a practical sofa with removable covers, or a contemporary, sophisticated, sofa we have a wide choice.

Each sofa and chair are made specifically for you. Allowing you to choose, the colour, the fabric, and the style.  Each piece is British made from start to finish, and we like that.

The Skills Behind Tetrad's Craftmanship

At Tetrad traditional hand built craftsmanship is combined with the best materials and innovative techniques ensure a level of quality that is second to none.

Using only the best raw materials in the construction of all Tetrad furniture the frames are hand built using air dried beech to an exact specification. Frames are glued, screwed and dowelled to ensure strength. The range of suspension systems include fully coil sprung, and serpentine sprung, enabling you to choose one that suits your desired seat style and comfort. The final cover of fabric or hide is then carefully cut and fitted by Tetrad's skilled upholsterers.

Tetrad Craftmanship

The finished furniture is a real masterpiece that can only be created due to the careful attention to detail and skill of experienced craftsmen renowned in all aspects of furniture making. Combining these skills with the best materials, ensure Tetrad deliver long lasting, sumptuously comfortable and elegant upholstered furniture.

All these reasons are why we settled on Tetrad as Escapology's partner.