Want To Know Our Top 10 Interior Design Tips?

We are often asked for our top 10 interior design tips. You can deliver an awesome look with some simple interior design tricks. We've listed them here for you...

Our Top 10 Interior Design Tips

  1. Double up - two is better than one: an often overlooked trick is to use two when you would normally use one. For example, in long hallways you can use two carpet runners with a break in the middle instead of just using a single runner. This draws you down the hallway. And you can use this as a universal law - a pair of anything is always superior to just one.
  2. Avoid using too many grey tones: grey can be beautiful and sophisticated but you can overdo it. If you use grey on the walls, limit the amount of grey in the rest of the decor. And apply this vice versa - if you use a lot of grey in the decor, you should use a different colour on the walls. Grey can deliver a sophisticated home decor but if you include too much in your interior design scheme it can make your rooms look drab.
  3. Avoid sofas and chairs that have skirts: There are practical as well as aesthetic reasons to not having furniture with skirts.  Being able to see under a piece of furniture helps with the feeling of space. Seeing under objects helps make the room look bigger - that's why you will see toilets being wall hung, rather than floor mounted, in the best interior design schemes. And what works in one of the smallest rooms in the house, works equally as well in bigger rooms. Not having skirts also helps with kids and pets. No lost toys or muck to worry about. 
  4. Don't over do the family photos: we are all proud of our family photos but they don't tend to lend themselves to delivering a superior home decor. Think about all those magazine articles where the pictures made you go "wow". Not a family photo in sight. That's not to say you have to exclude the family pictures. Mount a collection in a transit area such as a landing and group in one place. That way you'll add to the overall scheme and avoid having them being overbearing in the living room.
  5. Use simple interior design tips to style your bedroom: bedrooms can look dramatically different and stylish if you pay attention to your bedding. New, colour co-ordinated, sheets, pillow cases, and quilts make a huge difference. Add in a few throw pillows and you can achieve a very grown up look. And here's how to set up your bed for that five star hotel look
  6. Don't be afraid of light coloured sofas: light coloured sofas can look great when combined with cushions to add colour accents. If you have kids, or pets, a sofa with removable covers is a wise move - accidents happen and being able to wash (and even treat with a bit of bleach) means you can cope with day to day life without fear.
  7. Add personality: you should throw in an unexpected element; the best interior designers do this. Use something that adds personality. You shouldn't be too show homey. It's great to throw in a cushion that's a shockingly bright colour, or an old chair that's worn. Give your room some character.
  8. Transform spaces by updating the hardware: a simple, low cost, trick is to update the hardware on your cupboards or furniture. Change the handles for something of better quality or better design. It doesn't cost much. A screw driver is usually all you need and it can transform a piece of furniture from mundane to eye catching.
  9. Match your paint colours: colour wheels exist for a reason. Use one to guide your paint scheme. The rule is simple - next to, or opposite. Stick to that and you won't go far wrong. It will help you manage your tones and avoid mistakes. You can buy a colour wheel here.
  10. Add intimacy: be sophisticated but don't lose sight of the fact that it's your home. Being stylish doesn't mean you have to be too 'design book'. Even top designers have homes that are comfortable and practical. If it starts to look too staged, stop, take a pause, and change things. Use paint schemes to make spaces feel comfortable. And remember paint is easy to change so if it doesn't work it's not the end of the world. A pot of paint is far less expensive than a new sofa. For walls, use a high quality paint such as from the Little Greene Paint company and stick to chalky eggshell paints rather than matt.