Top 10 Home Decorating Ideas

Our Top 10 Home Decorating Ideas Will Help You Get Out of a Decorating Rut...

Ever wondered how to get out of a decorating rut? You are not alone. One of the most common challenges when updating the decor in your home is having some home decorating ideas to draw upon. Here we have outlined our top 10 to provide you with some guidance and inspiration.

There are some simple rules for interior decorating. Interior designers use them and so can you.

Stick to a single colour and use different tones.

To avoid having colours that clash, a simple rule is to use multiple tones of the same colour. It allows you to infuse colour without being overbearing. Choose the base colour for your room, something that works with the light levels, usage, and room aspect.

For example, if you have a sunny, light, living room, you could choose green as your base. Then choose 4 for 5 tones of green to introduce character and contrast. And keep in mind, it is easier to change paint and soft furnishings than it is a sofa. So if in doubt, choose the key piece or pieces of furniture and work from there.

Paint Colour Charts

You can start small; home decorating ideas don't need to be big.

Everything from lamps, cushions, to accessories provides the opportunity to introduce colour into your room. It isn't just about material but materials. For example, don't forget you can use a coloured table lamp base as well as the lampshade. Think hard materials as well as soft.

Use patterns and play with them.

As well as using colour tones you can mix patterns. Introduce a mix of fabrics into your room. The combination makes things more interesting and attractive.

Want to know the rule of thumb? It is one large pattern, one small pattern, and one solid pattern. That combination delivers a great mix.

Be child safe and stylish.

Just because you have young children doesn't mean you need to abandon being stylish.

Whilst you might need to avoid glass objects and breakables, or move them to a higher shelf, there isn't a need to lose your style. You can use still put books, baskets and non-breakables around your room. Just use furniture and objects with soft edges. For example, a round wicker coffee table.

Apply some creative thinking and you aren't condemned to baby bumpers and no accessories.

Use things differently.

Whilst objects generally have a specific purpose there is no one insisting that you have to use them for that purpose.

A jug may be for water, but it can also make a great flower pot or vase. A fruit bowl can hold sweets. And a stack of books can make a side table. Using objects for an unintended purpose makes things interesting and can look great.

Simple home decorating ideas are sometimes the most effective.

Vary your style.

Sticking to one particular style for a room can end up feeling staged and boring. Mix things up a bit. Mix and match styles, you'll be surprised what works together and looks fantastic.

Starting with your existing furniture is a good way to start. Take things from one room to another. If it doesn't work, nothing lost, just move the items back again. Experiment and you'll soon get a feel for what and what doesn't work. Explore and understand the boundaries.

Rooms that have a little bit of everything have character and feel like your home, not a show home.

Balance your room and decor.

Start by looking down. What's the colour of your floor?

Dark Coloured Wooden Floor

If you have a dark wood floor, then use light upholstery. Neutrals are a good bet. If you have a light carpet, use darker upholstery. Then balance this out with your soft furnishings, cushions, curtains, et cetera. Mix in patterns and develop the look. It will remain balanced.

Just remember - light on dark, dark on light.

Deal with awkward spaces rather than ignore them.

Ever ignored that awkward space? The temptation is to ignore them or spend years wondering what to do with it.

The best approach is to confront awkward room spaces front on. Use it's awkwardness as an asset. Turn that corner into a little reading area or a music listening area. A great approach is to give the space a specific purpose.

Avoid the temptation to cut the space off. It's better for you to put a nice chair in a corner than cut the corner off from the room with a sofa. The latter approach maintains the problem.

Change your proportions for small rooms but keep the same rules.

Any look can be achieved on any scale so there is no excuse for neglecting small rooms. Just scale down. You can use a chair instead of a sofa and utilise smaller size pieces. There's lots of apartment friendly furniture available these days to achieve a fantastic design inspired look.

Trust your instinct.

The most important rule is "trust your instinct". Design rules are great, but you'll be the best person to know what will or won't work. You are also the one that has to live with it.

Buy what you love. Buy quality pieces, even if that means having less in a room. That way, you'll end up with a great looking room that you love.

And remember, take your time and avoid rush decisions on items that aren't easily changed. The rest just go for, they can always be changed!

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