The Secret to the Five Star Hotel Bed Uncovered

Ever wondered why those beds in five star hotels look so inviting? There's a secret formula to it and here we reveal it.

How To Create A Five Star Hotel Bed Look


Here's the tips and tricks to creating that luscious bed - great to look at, great to sleep in

Your bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom, so paying a little attention to dressing it pays disproportionate rewards in style. A little effort can elevate something drab looking to something that just invites you into it - that's why five star hotels dress their beds to a set formula.

The first thing to grasp is that there is a difference between the bedding you use to sleep comfortably and that which you use for aesthetic effect.

Here's the Escapology guide to dressing a stunning looking bed, that is also practical and comfortable.

Start From The Bottom Up

Unless you have an attractive bedstead, then dress your bed base. Most bed bases are pretty unattractive, so elevate their look by adding a bed skirt. This simple addition can turn even the most basic bed base into something more appealing. The secret here is for the bed base to 'disappear' into the bedding as a whole. So plain rather than patterned bed skirts are the way to go.

Well Sprung Mattress

The core for a comfortable bed is the mattress. The mattress is where you should spend your money - buy the best sprung mattress you can afford. All the mattress toppers in the world won't compensate for a cheaply made mattress. Cheaper mattresses are cheaper for a reason. You don't need to go mad, but do spend a little extra to get a well made mattress. It will last longer, and afterall, you use it every night.

Mattress Topper

Once you have a good mattress, supplement with a good mattress topper. They add that extra element of comfort. Hotel chains renowned for the comfort of their beds use mattress toppers to give their beds the extra comfort factor. Whilst you can get some extremely good synthetic mattress toppers, natural feather or down toppers add that little bit extra. And if you are concerned about cleaning, just add a mattress topper cover - they are easy to wash and give the mattress topper some protection.


Fitted sheets on the bottom, flat sheets on the top.

Bottom sheets  - hotels use fitted sheets for a reason. It's not just that they are quicker for housekeeping to make the bed - although that's not a bad reason for at home either. It's also because they look better. When buying fitted sheets make sure you buy oversized ones. They should fit snuggly over the mattress and topper but should be large enough to fit without it seeming like you are wrestling a crocodile to put it on the bed.

Top sheets - use a flat sheet to accentuate the look. Fold back to add visual effect, the layering over the duvet adds to the depth. Top sheets are also great for keeping warm in winter by adding a layer and cool in summer by letting you throw back the quilt.


Matching the weight of your duvet to the time of year is hugely practical. You can either have a winter weight and a summer weight duvet or you can plump for an all season duvet which is two that fasten together for winter. For aesthetics and comfort ensure you go for a baffle box construction to keep the down evenly spread, and a silky shell to keep it light and airy on your body. Duvets look great by being plumper and are really effective when the filling is evenly spread.

Duvet Baffle Box Construction

A quality white goose down fill for the duvet will provide temperature regulation and provide the utmost comfort as well as a cosy luxurious look and feel. Down 'adapts' to your body temperature, so it's the best choice.

If you have a feather allergy, go for a high-quality man-made alternative.

Coverlet or Bed Throw 

Add a coverlet or throw to break up the look of the quilt. It adds yet another visual dimension. You can take it off for sleeping or leave in place for those cold winter nights when you feel the need to pull some extra bedding over you.


Pillows are what really make a bed look grand. Combine the four following sizes to really achieve that five-star hotel look. If you think that's too much, you can exclude either the throw cushions or one layer of the decorative shams without major detraction from the look.

Sleeping Pillows - these are the ones that you rest your head on every night. They are there for practicality more than visual impact. Place them furthest back by the headboard. Generally, a standard pillow will do for these unless you have a super-king bed but you may prefer a larger size. If you have some great pillowcases, an alternative is to bring them in front of the European pillow shams. Flip them over when you go to bed to avoid wear on the decorative side.

European Decorative Pillow Shams - European pillows are the square ones. They add height and depth to the layers of pillows and are the ones you know from sitting up in a hotel bed while reading or having that lazy breakfast. They are the go to ones you pop behind your back.

Decorative Pillow Shams - match the size of these to your sleeping pillows. This gives your bed conformity.

Throw Cushions - these are the small cushions that act as the finishing touch. The ones that you cast aside at night in your hotel room. They are there for looks, not practicality. They make a visual difference that's why hotels use them. If you truly want to achieve that five-star hotel appeal, you should use them too.

Follow these steps and you too can achieve that five star hotel bed look.