Re-thinking Summer

Re-thinking summer - female in swimsuit floating on an inflatable in a pool
The clouds have gathered, the breeze is up and it’s distinctly chilly. To leave the house, a jacket is needed, and your boots haven’t had a rest since last September. And yet, the calendar is quietly insisting it is summer.
If, like us, you have been huddled indoors dreaming of sunny days when life can be lived alfresco once again, perhaps it’s time to embrace the famous quote, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothes”.
So, what can we do? Aside from living in a fleece, the cosier side of spring can still be fully embraced and see us through the summer gently towards autumn. A scented candle or two on the outdoor table, will throw warm light and a gentle scent around. Try a linen scent for a fresher feel in the day and a woody scent for evening. A basket of mixed weight throws to hand will ensure a slight breeze or cooler temperatures while watching the setting sun are easily dealt with. A luxury washable rug underfoot will keep the chill off bare feet, and some extra candlelight in the evenings by way of lanterns will add the final touches.
Don’t be afraid to take your regular dinnerware outside. Stoneware, glassware, linen napkins, all turn eating into dining and are less likely to be blown off the table. Choose short-stemmed glasses for extra stability - shallow wider bowls make for easier dressing and serving of those fresh, crunchy, salads. And don’t forget the cutlery. Use a basket or large lipped trays to make carrying in and out easier. A larger basket or bag is especially useful, just in case a quick gather up is needed in the event of rain. And a well laid tray makes a solo breakfast a moment of mindfulness.
Whether it’s just you and the dog, with friends or family, enjoy your summer whatever the weather.