Interior Design Trends You Need To Know : The Complete Top 20

Our Top 20 Interior Design Trends

The top interior design trends are subjective and some will disagree. Here we have put together our top 20. Feel free to pinch some, or all, and incorporate the best ideas into your home. Even if you only follow one, you will enhance the style of your home.

The over-arching design trend is the mix of modern with a nod to classic elements in both design, furniture and furnishings. Elements that stand the test of time do so for a reason. Quite often they are the difference between you having something with the 'wow' factor or just having a look that's mediocre. Here are our top 20 interior design trends...

#1. Modern Upholstery With A Heritage Twist - whilst old fashioned looking upholstery should be avoided, a modern style with a traditional element can look stylish and different. Cushions with tassels are an example. The extra detail lifts the look and sub-consciously it can take you to northern Africa for that exotic feel.

 Mixed cushions on chair

#2. Non-Utilitarian Bathrooms - bathrooms are often overlooked in the home. They are seen as utilitarian and functional. But think of the best hotels you have ever stayed in and I bet they had a fantastic bathroom. Imagine how much more attractive your bathroom would look if you brought in a piece of furniture that is usually reserved for another room in the house. For example, a small chair or chest of drawers. Whilst bathrooms in modern homes tend to be small, it is still possible to introduce elements that you wouldn't expect. And the sense of surprise is always a great way to elevate your home decor.

 Designer Bathroom With Chair & Ornate Sink

#3. Coloured Appliances - once upon a time appliances were white. Then stainless steel was the in look. Now the look is coloured. With careful co-ordination with your kitchen units and flooring, a coloured appliance can look stunning. And, as a bonus, they are less susceptible to finger marks than stainless steel appliances.

#4. Fireplaces - fireplaces are back. They provide a simple focal point and lend themselves to be combined with other elements that can build a sophisticated interior design. The statement mirror, or eye-catching piece of art, have a perfect home above a fireplace. And don't forget we are not just talking living rooms. Some of the most stunning bathrooms are ones in Victorian houses that have the fireplace still in situ.

 Romantic Burning Fire In Fireplace

#5. Formal Dining Rooms - the trend for eating anywhere other than in the dining room is coming to an end. A return to formal dining is the growing trend. Having a well designed and well-decorated dining room makes eating so much more of an enjoyable event. Consider reclaiming the dining room for the purpose it was designed.

#6. Mix and Match Kitchen Units - who said that all your kitchen units needed to be the same? Some of the most characteristic kitchens we know have an eclectic mix of units. Combine different colours, different styles, and achieve a look that you can be proud of. You shouldn't go mad but think about all those farmhouse kitchens in continental Europe. They are practical, functional, and aren't cookie cutter. They have character.

#7. Mixed Materials - an interior design trend that borrows from commercial property. Mixing materials and textures achieve a special look. Bare walls, combined with plastered walls. Bare wood, combined with painted wood. The mix adds depth and sophistication. It the New York loft look taken to a different level. It works exceptionally well in older property but can work well in modern home too.

 Designer Apartment

#8. Patterns & Texture - an extension of the mixed materials trend. Adding in patterns and texture can magnify the look. See how the brick works against the plain wall. Throw in some lightly textured wall paper and you can elevate the home decor to yet another level.

#9. Tiling - good quality tiling is a must for the kitchen and bathroom. Get away from glass splash backs and overbearing bath tiles. The classic brick tiles are the way to go. Practical and stylish, there's no reason not to include them in the two key rooms of your home.

#10. Bare Wood - bare, unpainted, wood adds depth and warmth. Combined in the right way, it can make a room look stunning. It's also simple to introduce to a room; thinking shelving or table tops. Go for reddish brown tones, they are easier to incorporate into your colour scheme. And don't be frightened of texture. There's nothing wrong with a few chips or rough edges.

 Wooden Table Top

#11. Grey Tones - grey whilst always being a sophisticated colour is a growing trend. Grey tones lend themselves to living, kitchen and dining areas. But don't over do it. Too much grey can feel drab and overbearing. See our article on Top 10 Interior Design Tips.

#12. Sanctuary Living Rooms - it's time to get back to a sense of relaxation. Ban tech from the living room and that includes the television. Make your living room a sanctuary for reading, talking and relaxing. Whilst a bit radical in this day and age, this is one of a number of growing interior design trends.

#13. Heated Flooring - the days of only having heated flooring in bathrooms should be over. When you come in your front door, remove your shoes, and enter the house, you should have a warm floor to walk on. Fit underfloor heating to anywhere that you frequently walk and do not have carpet - hallways, kitchens, and even lounges.

#14. Metal Frames - tied in with the industrial look, metal frames are something that adds depth and character to pieces of furniture. Introduce tables and units that are built on a metal frame. They look less heavy but are tough and durable.

#15. Statement Mirrors - use a mirror to make a statement. They look great and have the benefit of reflecting light and creating the illusion of extra space. Tie them in with fireplaces, or use them at the end of a corridor to expand the feeling of space.

#16. Rounded Furniture - eradicate square corners. Round tables are the thing. They juxtapose the square corners of rooms and are extremely practical.

#17. Bidets - whilst they have never been popular in the mainstream, including a bidet in a bathroom adds a sense of balance. We all know the improved look achieved by including two wash basins side by side. So why not use the same trick on the sanitary wear. The bidet may not get used much, but aesthetically, it can make a bathroom look more pleasing.

This is a surprising interior design trend and not one of the interior design trends for everyone.

#18. Scandinavian Simplicity - go simple and efficient. Restrict the amount of stuff and ask yourself, "why is this here?". If you aren't sure, remove it.

#19. Industrial & Reclaimed - a current interior design trend is to bring industrial items, or items made from reclaimed materials, into your scheme. They add robustness. Can achieve a unique style. And by their nature, will last and last and last. But, don't over do it.Whilst there is a current explicit industrial trend - think trendy coffee shops - it may not last. You don't want to end up with an interior design scheme that will look dated in five years. Especially as items can be expensive.

Industrial Lighting

#20. Commercialism - we all know that top hotels, bars, and restaurants spend a considerable amount of money on achieving a specific interior design for their look. Take a leaf out of their book. Borrow the look and replicate the bits that make you go 'wow' in your home. These days, sourcing something that has its roots in the commercial world is straightforward. You can even source commercial items. Whilst they are more expensive than domestic items, the quality and durability, makes it a worthwhile expenditure. At least on a few key items that you will want to keep for a lifetime. That light fitting, or that dining table, for example.

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