Insider Tips To Keep Your Glassware Looking Great

We wanted to know how best to keep our glasses and carafes looking their best. So we turned to one of our manufacturers for their advice. They've been in business since 1475 (no that's not a typo), so they know a thing or two about glass care.

Here's their top tips:

Tip #1 To remove grease or finger traces: rub the traces with a little vinegar.

Tip #2 To protect gold detail:  do not rub or put in the dishwasher.

Tip #3 To clean inside a vase: if it is difficult to clean with a bottle brush, pour in some rock salt, together with a little water mixed with white vinegar, and shake vigorously to remove the stains from the sides of the vase.

Tip #5 To clean misty glasses, with a white film after washing in the dishwasher: reduce the amount of salt. Clean the glasses with a little hot water mixed with vinegar, or by rubbing them with rinsing liquid.

Tip #6 To recover shine: there are several simple, non-corrosive methods using potatoes, coffee grounds and white vinegar. For crystal vases, fill the vase with potato peelings and add water. Leave it to soak for a full 4 days and then rinse the vase. Rub the outside of the glass with a slice of raw potato and rinse. Put coffee grounds inside, leave them for at least two hours and then rinse with water mixed with vinegar. Dry with a soft dishcloth to recover the shine.

Tip #7 To remove chalk deposits from the base and walls. Fill with an equal mixture of hot water and white vinegar. Leave overnight. Or pour in salted lemon juice. Shake well and leave the mixture overnight. 

Tip #8 If glasses are stuck together: pour cold water or ice cubes into the top glass, and then immerse the lower glass in hot water.

Tip#9 To clean the base of bottles or carafes: pour some vinegar into the bottle and add a handful of rice. Shake vigorously. Empty and rinse with warm water.