How to Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs?

How to Mix and Match Sofas and Chairs

What do you do now the days of having a three-piece suite as the central furniture of your living room have gone? To mix and match sofas and chairs can seem daunting but it shouldn’t be. There are some simple rules that can help you out.

Be Bold

Don’t be scared of mixing pieces of furniture together from different design periods or style. This works best when you apply three simple rules.

  • Stick to a neutral back-drop
  • Pair your paint colours with care; use a colour wheel to guide you
  • Experiment; often the unexpected works and the expected disappoints

 Mix and Match Cushions on Chair

Be Different

Take the best ideas and inspiration from elsewhere and bring them home. We have all stayed in hotels where we felt comfortable and relaxed and wished our home was like that. Hotels and restaurants mix and match sofas and chairs all the time. Take photos and use them to guide you in your home. Hotels spend thousands on interior design, you can use their ideas for free. Take note of the combinations or colours that most catch your eye and make you say “I love that”. Most of those looks that do that grab your attention can be replicated at home with a little effort and some planning.

And don’t forget, you can scale down. A hotel may have a 5-foot chandelier which will never fit in your fitting room. You should scale back and retain proportions. In your living room, a 12-inch chandelier in a similar style can have the same visual impact.

Restaurants can also be your inspiration. And these days you can now access furniture and furnishings that were only available commercially before.

Be Simplistic

Use a simple colour palette. Make use of two or three shades of the same colour and then accentuate with a bold colour if you wish. For example, you can use neutral shades for your wall paint, curtains and sofa, then highlight with bold coloured cushions or a patterned chair. Be sophisticated without being over the top.

Try including co-ordinated accessories to round of the look. Cushions, lampshades, picture frames all add the finishing touches that can make or break the success of the overall look. You really do need to spend time focussing on the details.

Be Choosy

Invest in one or two key pieces that you love. Pay for quality and you will have one or two items that can last you for years and years. Buy for aesthetics, but don’t forget comfort. You want to avoid a stylish look that’s uncomfortable; especially as you are likely to spend a lot of time sitting in the room.

Cheaper pieces may look the part but can be uncomfortable and are unlikely to last the test of time. After all, they cost less for a reason.

Be Stylish

You can’t go wrong with a neutral colour scheme; it will stay stylish and will retain its impact over time. Leather furniture adds sophistication, looks great and is durable over time. It’s difficult to go wrong by having a traditional leather armchair as part of the overall look and you will find they just about go with anything without looking out of place. And they look better with use over time.

Be Balanced

The age-old rule of being symmetrical still holds true today. Pairing sofas or chairs helps add a stylish look. You may not have a room large enough to accommodate two sofas, but most living rooms will provide sufficient room for a pair of chairs. if you have a small room, look for smaller armchairs that aren’t too imposing or large. The pairing of sofas or chairs adds balance to the room.

Be Experimental

Before committing to a new purchase, you can always temporarily move in a chair from another room. That will allow you to play about with layout and you will get an idea of what works and what doesn’t even if the temporary chair is a totally different style to the style you eventually purchase.

Experiment, be stylish, be comfortable, be timeless. You will be the envy of your friends and family.

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