How to Add Modern Pouffes and Ottomans to Your Room: A Stylists Guide to Elevate Your Interior Design

Modern Pouffe in Living Room

Pouffes & Ottomans: Versatile and Stylish

Pouffes and ottomans are versatile and functional furniture pieces that can add style and comfort to any room. Pouffes are small, round or square cushions that can be used as footstools or additional seating. At the same time, ottomans are larger, upholstered pieces that can serve as footrests or storage units. In this essay, we will explore the benefits of incorporating pouffes and ottomans into a room, the various types and materials available, how to choose the right size and shape, colour and pattern options, and tips for placement, maintenance, and care.

Benefits of Poufs and Ottomans:

One of the primary benefits of pouffes and ottomans is their versatility. They can be used in various ways, from providing extra seating to serving as footrests or as a coffee table alternative. They can also add texture and visual interest to a room, especially when upholstered in unique materials or patterns. In addition, pouffes and ottomans are typically lightweight and easy to move around, making them a convenient option for small spaces.

Types of Poufs and Ottomans:

There are several pouffes and ottomans, including round pouffes, square pouffes, cube ottomans, storage ottomans, and bench ottomans. Round pouffes are typically smaller and more compact, making them an excellent choice for smaller rooms. Square pouffes are larger and can be used as footrests or additional seating. Cube ottomans are typically the largest option and can serve as footrests, coffee tables, or additional storage. Storage ottomans are similar to cube ottomans but with the added benefit of extra storage space inside. Bench ottomans are longer and can be used as additional seating or as a footrest for a sofa or loveseat.

Materials and Fabrics:

Pouffes and ottomans can be upholstered in various materials and fabrics, each with unique benefits. Leather is a durable and long-lasting option that can add a touch of sophistication to a room. Velvet is a soft and luxurious option that adds texture and visual interest. Knit pouffes and ottomans are cosy and comfortable, perfect for a cosy reading nook. Woven textiles can add a bohemian or global-inspired feel to a room. Faux fur is a playful and fun option that can add a touch of whimsy to a space.

Choosing the Right Size and Shape:

When choosing the right size and shape for a pouffe or ottoman, it's essential to consider the size and layout of the room. A larger room can accommodate larger pieces, while a smaller room may require smaller or more compact options. It's also important to consider the other furniture in the room and pair pouffes and ottomans accordingly. Multiple pouffes or ottomans can be used together to create a cohesive look.

Colour and Patterns:

Pouffes and ottomans come in various colours and patterns to choose from. Neutral colours like beige, grey, and white can create a calming and serene atmosphere, while bold colours like red or blue can add a pop of colour and create a statement piece. Patterns and prints can add visual interest and texture to a room, from classic stripes or polka dots to bold geometric shapes or floral prints.

Placement and Styling:

Pouffes and ottomans can be placed in various ways depending on their size and shape. They can be used as a coffee table alternative by placing a tray on top, as footrests for chairs or sofas, or as additional seating for guests. Styling pouffes and ottomans with throw cushions or blankets can add a layer of comfort and style.

Maintenance and Care:

To keep pouffes and ottomans looking their best, it's important to follow proper maintenance and care guidelines. Cleaning tips will vary depending on the material and fabric of the pouffe or ottoman. Still, in general, it's important to vacuum regularly to remove any dirt or debris. Spills should be wiped up immediately to prevent stains. Protecting against wear and tear can be done by using coasters or trays on top of the pouffe or ottoman and rotating the piece regularly to prevent uneven wear. When not in use, pouffes and ottomans should be stored in a dry, cool place to avoid damage.


Pouffes and ottomans are a versatile and functional addition to any room. With a variety of types, materials, colours, and patterns to choose from, they can add both style and comfort to a space. When selecting the right pouffe or ottoman for a room, it's important to consider the size and layout of the space, the other furniture in the room, and the desired function of the piece. With proper maintenance and care, pouffes and ottomans can last for years to come. So, don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with these versatile pieces of furniture!


What is the difference between a pouffe and an ottoman?

A pouffe is typically smaller and rounder than an ottoman, usually larger and rectangular or square. Pouffes are often made of soft materials like knit or fabric. In contrast, ottomans are typically made of sturdier materials like leather or wood.

How do I choose the right size pouffe or ottoman for my space?

Consider the size of your room and the other furniture in the space when selecting a pouffe or ottoman. A larger piece can work well in a spacious living room or bedroom, while a smaller piece is ideal for a cosy corner or home office.

Can pouffes and ottomans be used outdoors?

Yes! Many pouffes and ottomans are designed to withstand outdoor use. They can be a great addition to your patio or deck.

How do I clean my pouffe or ottoman?

The cleaning process will depend on the material of your pouffe or ottoman. For leather pieces, use a damp cloth to wipe down the surface. For fabric pieces, use a fabric cleaner or spot-treatment method. Always check the care instructions before cleaning your pouffe or ottoman.

How can I incorporate pouffes and ottomans into a minimalist decor style?

Choose a pouffe or ottoman in a neutral colour, like white or grey, to complement a minimalist decor style. Opt for a piece with clean lines and minimal embellishments to keep the look streamlined and straightforward.