Coffee Table Size Guide - Want To Know The Right Size to Buy?

The Escapology Coffee Table Size & Shape Guide

Ever wondered why some coffee tables look great and others don't? It's all in the proportions.

Not all coffee tables are made equal. So you need to think about height as well as width and style. Getting the height right is simple if you follow the tried and tested rule.

The Coffee Table Height Rule

To ensure you have a coffee table at just the right height you should choose one that is the same height or 2.5cm to 5cm lower than the seat height of the chair or sofa nearest to it. This gives the right look and remains high enough to be useful. Go too high or too low and thinks won't gel as well.

Choosing the Right Shape & Size

To get this right you need to ensure you choose something that gives you the correct proportions against your sofa. Follow the guidance below and you'll have something that looks right.

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Coffee Table Placement

From Sofa

The most accommodating distance is 46 to 50cm from the sofa, leaving plenty of leg space while keeping the table within easy reach. Also, if the table has drawers or cabinets that face the sofa, this amount of space gives you the room needed for drawer access.

Apply the spacing rule when pulling chairs within distance of the coffee table as well. There is flexibility with the space between table and sofa, depending on your preference. Sometimes an ottoman coffee table needs to be pulled closer to accommodate someone with short legs.

From Other Large Items

Keep the coffee table from turning into an obstacle in the room by allowing at least 75cm of open space between it and other pieces of furniture. In narrower rooms, this space can be sized down to 60cm.

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