Care Guide - Get The Most Out Of Your Pillows

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Guide to looking after your pillows

Looking after your pillows is simple when you know how. Follow these 4 simple steps and you'll avoid that neck ache when you wake.

STEP 1 - A Simple Daily Pillow Routine

To keep your pillows looking and feeling their best start the day with a shake and a plump every morning. This helps the filling to redistribute, recover and regain its plumpness. For Memory Foam, Latex and pocket sprung pillows you don't need to plump. Simply wash the outer cover on a regular basis to keep it at its best.

STEP 2 - Add Extra Protection

A pillow protector is a great idea. It protects from accidental spills and stains. Washing your protector frequently helps to maintain a clean and fresh pillow.  Buy a second set of protectors and you can rotate with the weekly wash.

STEP 3 - Wash & Dry Pillows With Care

Before washing your pillow, always check the care label. Ensure you wash at the correct temperature and ensure you tumble dry or dry clean only as instructed. For higher quality pillows that have more generous fill, use a professional laundering service. Commercial laundries use large capacity washing machines and dryers which are best suited to the dense fills of higher quality pillows. If you do wash your pillow at home it is essential that you do not overload your washing machine. It's essential that your pillow is 100% dry before using - this avoids clumping or ruining the filling. Drying takes patience for the filling is totally dry. A good tip is to weigh your pillow pre-wash and post-drying, if it weighs the same it should be reliably dry.

STEP 4 - Don't Over Wash Your Pillows

To keep your pillow in tip-top condition, wash every 6 months. Give your pillows a wash when switching your duvets for a new season. And always store pillows freshly cleaned in a breathable bag.