Wall Mirrors

Modern Wall Mirrors & Mantle Mirrors: Round Wall Mirrors, Gold Wall Mirrors & More

Increase the ambience of your living space with our collection of contemporary wall mirrors. Whether you are looking to expand the look of a small room or just to add more light to your space, our range of wall mirrors has got you covered. For a modern touch, opt for a frameless design, or for a natural feel, go for a round wall mirror with a wooden frame. Elevate the focus of your living room with a modern mantel mirror that adds depth and height to the room. Consider the size and design of your room to choose the perfect mirror that complements your existing decor.

Enhance versatility by choosing a mirror that can either be mounted on the wall or leaned against it for support. Pick the right frame, material and size that blends with your interior design. A wood-finish or metal-finish frame works well with a traditional look, while a matte-finish frame fits well with a contemporary aesthetic. Consider the reflection of your decor in the room when choosing the placement and angle of your modern wall mirror. Finally, give your mirror the finishing touch it deserves by coordinating the hardware with your wall mirror frame. Whether you prefer a sleek black frame or a bold gold edge, our mirrors are sure to enhance the beauty of your space.