How To Ensure Your Furniture Will Fit Through Your Doors

It's a common problem - you've ordered a new piece of furniture but are worried it won't fit through the door when it's delivered. Avoid that stress and follow these simple steps in measuring your access so you can order without fear of having your new prized possession stuck in the garden.

Here's our simple guide to ensuring your furniture will fit through all the entryways, lifts and stairways of your home before you order.

Our Simple Furniture Delivery Guide:

  1. Determine the best pathway from outside your home to the room where the new item will be placed.
  2. Make sure all access points are unobstructed and wide enough for the desired item.
  3. Measure the heights and widths of all entryways, including all stairways and hallways, both inside and outside your home (see 1 below).
  4. Measure the interior widths, depths and heights of all doors to be used for delivery. And if there's a lift involved measure the interior dimensions of that, including the opening when the lift doors are open.
  5. Measure your entry clearance – the distance from the wall through the doorway to the opposite wall (see 2 below).
  6. Allow for all corners, ceiling height, stairways (heights, widths, angles, bannisters), and low hanging fixtures. Also, account for any architectural details (see 3 below).
  7. To ensure a hassle-free delivery, the item’s minimum clearance measurement must not exceed the height or width of any of the entryways (elevators and stairways included) to be used for delivery.
  8. Make sure that the dimensions you are allowing for include any packaging. Packaging dimensions are always stated so check if you have restrictive openings for delivery.

Furniture Delivery Measuring Guide