How To Choose a Comfortable Sofa Bed

If you are thinking buying a sofa bed there are some things to consider. Making the right choice will ensure that you don't compromise the quality of your seating or sleeping.

The best sofa beds are a fully fledged sofa that cleverly incorporate a pocket sprung mattress, providing a great night's sleep.

Pull-out sofa bed in open position

How to choose a sofa bed

Use exactly the same approach to buying a sofa bed as you would a sofa. Check the construction of the frame and fillings for both quality of construction and how it matches your personal preferences.

The cushions on a sofa bed have the same fillings that you'd see in a standard sofa.  Types of fillings include foam (for a firmer seat); fibre (for soft support); or feather (for a soft, relaxed looking sofa).

Sofa beds have a tendency to feel firmer than sofas due to their construction. So consider choosing one with a combination of softer cushion types – fibre seat cushions and feather back cushions, for example – can give you a balanced feel.

Look for sofa beds with a high quality frame. One that is constructed to the same standard as a normal sofa. Hardwood frames that are screwed and glued tend to be the most durable. As with sofas, lower cost sofa beds have inferior materials and construction.

Sofa bed sizes

Traditionally sofa beds used to be narrow. But now you have lots of choice. There are beds in a box, loveseats, two-seaters, three-seaters and L-shaped. Perfect for providing extra sleeping space.

Opening mechanisms

The sofa design dictates the mechanism. From pull-out mattresses to sofa beds with backs that fold backwards providing an instant double bed there is a varied choice. Choose a design that suits your space and needs best. Pull out designs need floor space in front of the sofa bed. Fold backwards, and you'll need to pull out the entire sofa before you can push the back down.

If you need a space-saving options, look for armless sofa beds. These allow you to gain extra sleep space that would otherwise be taken up by the arms.

Comfort levels

Most of us have experiences a terrible sofa bed. They're never quite big enough, the mattresses are terrible and you can feel the bed frame beneath. That's old sofa beds. Those days have gone.

Now days, there's no reason not to choose a sofa beds that are made for a comfortable sleep. The best designs are made for permanent sleep and provide the same support as a proper bed. And they'll offer the same level of seating comfort as a standard sofa.

Perfect for small spaces & guests

In a small house or flat a sofa bed can be invaluable. They provide a spare bedroom when you need it at the drop of a hat.

Having a sofa bed makes sense for guests but a guest bedroom is not worth the sacrificed space.

How to choose a sofa bed

  • Consider how a sofa bed will be used. What size do you need? What comfort level?
  • Think about the style and size of the room where it will be located
  • Check how easy it is to open and close - the best sofa beds make this easy
  • Decide between fold-out of drop back styles. Pull-out sofa beds can have a fully functioning mattress giving the same sleeping comfort as a bed. Drop back sofa beds tend to cost less
  • If choosing a fold-out sofa bed consider the quality of mattress you need. There are the same options as for a mattress; pocket-sprung, open sprung, memory foam
  • Check that you can actually get the sofa bed into the room where you need it, especially if you need it to go upstairs
  • If you intend to use the sofa bed for regular seating, ensure you choose a fabric with a high 'rub test' rating to ensure it survives the wear and tear
  • Choose a style that works with your decor. Just because it is a sofa bed doesn't mean it should spoil the stylish appeal of your room


Are sofa beds comfortable?

Sofa beds have come a long way. Good ones are constructed with a full specification mattress and can be as comfortable as a normal bed. Look for a sofa bed that contains a pocket sprung mattress with a high density of springs to get the  most comfortable sleep.

Are sofa bed comfortable to sit on?

Unless you buy a budget sofa bed, a sofa bed should give you the same level of sitting comfort as a standard sofa. Many modern sofa beds are made to the same standards and cushion fillings as a normal sofa.

Are sofa beds heavy?

The design of the sofa bed dictates the weight. Drop-back sofa beds generally don't weigh any more than a non-sofa bed model. Pull-out sofa beds are heavy due to the incorporation of the metal bed mechanism and the mattress.