The Escapology Story

Escapology was founded with a defiant spirit and an audacious objective: to modernise furniture and home furnishing shopping.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was straightforward; shopping for furniture and home furnishings is an awful experience. We were an ordinary couple who just couldn't buy the things we wanted for our home in the way we wanted to buy them. So we set out to change that.

Escapology is for people who believe that good taste doesn't change. We don't do fashion. We don't do things that are constantly changing every year. We provide the foundation for your home's interior with exceptional furniture and home furnishings - beautifully designed, high quality, and extraordinary value.

Working from an unconventional mindset, our team carefully curates our collections by mixing and matching items that complement each other. This way, you, our customers, can get that "interior design" look without spending the big money that interior designers often command.

Throwing away the rulebook when it comes to home furnishings, we are revolutionising the way that you buy your furniture and home accessories.

All of this didn't come out of nowhere: we had run into this problem ourselves. Redecorating our new home, we didn't want our home to look like the set up in all of the stores - the same old boring styles, the fad of the minute pieces. We were having no fun with our shopping experience, and we were getting nowhere.

Then, while on a family holiday at Walt Disney World, we went into a home interiors store on a whim. "Wow," we said to each other: "These people are doing home furnishing differently." Launching in that vein, Escapology is an alternative, modern, customer-focussed company that pays attention to all the details that matter most when you are changing the interior of your home.

We don't do retail, we inspire. When you come to us, you can count on top-notch service from friendly staff and a simple, intuitive experience that will make you too say "Wow." If you want to live in our store, we are doing something right. If not, we still have work to do. That is our acid test.


If you'd like to know more about our culture, step into our office.

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